Sample of Bill Burn's Faith Tabernacle's teachings

The following is but a small sampling of the "prophecies" that are being espoused on Bill Burn's Faith Tabernacle website that are being copied and forwarded by many Christians who don't know their Bibles well enough to realize they're being duped:


by Bill Burns

The following is what the Holy Spirit has revealed to me about what will take place in the Church in 2010. (John 16:13)

Note from The Refiner's Fire:

First of all, YHWH - the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob - wouldn't use the Gregorian calendar and talk about "2010". Do you ever see Him anywhere in the Bible refer to the number of the year? NO! But if He did He would use the Hebrew calendar year (which, in October 2010, happened to be 5771.

Bill quotes John 16:13 above - but like many Christians, he stops before he ever manages to include the context:

John 16: 13. But when the Spirit of Truth comes, He will guide you in all truth. For He will not speak from Himself but He will speak everything that He hears. And future things He will make known to you. 14. And He will glorify me because He will take of my own and show it to you. (Aramaic English New Testament)


[1] Literally, he will not speak from "His own mind."

[2]The Spirit is not a substitute for YHWH, the Spirit of YHWH is the Father; however, the Father is ein sof (without end); therefore, our spirits are quickened by His Spirit to the degree that He reveals Himself to us. It is not possible that mortal bodies can contain the infinite presence; therefore, "He" speaks everything "He hears." In other words, everything from the Ruach haKodesh comes directly from YHWH.

How did Yeshua glorify His Father, and how does the Ruach haKodesh (Holy Spirit) "glorify" YHWH? By proclaiming the Kingdom of YHWH (Luke 4:43) - HIS TRUTH as revealed in the Scriptures, not through some "fluffy" man-made "prophecies" such as those on Faith Tabernacle that - similar to those of astrologers and Tarot Card readers and the like - are nothing more than generalizations that could pertain to any day, any time in history, or any person! (Case in point: "...Last year some Christians began to exercise a fuller and more complete faith" and "...many in the Body of Christ went through a crisis of faith because of hardship of the circumstances that they found themselves in."

YHWH's TRUTH can be found between the Books of Genesis and Revelation, NOWHERE ELSE! There are no "new" revelations!

The number 5 is God's number for grace (strength, empowerment and blessing), so ten is the number of double grace. A double portion will be available to God's people in 2010. Romans 5:2 tells us that "we have access by faith into this grace." Therefore, every person should establish himself in a position of faith to receive a double portion of God's grace that is now being released.

Note from The Refiner's Fire:

"Double grace"? Where in the Bible can this be verified? Since when are we allowed to use numerology to force God into doing our will? If these Christians are trying to use Gematria to "prove" their supposed prophecies, they're doing a very poor job because they don't know what they are talking about! Satan uses just enough "truth" to confuse those who don't know the Scriptures....

Small Straws by Marsha Burns: I'm giving you an extra measure of grace. I will exert My holy influence over your life to strengthen you and bolster your faith, says the Lord. If you will discern it, you will find and enjoy the unusual fragrance of My company. Receive with joy, and bask in the sweetness of My presence. Come and find your delight and rest with Me....

Note from The Refiner's Fire:

MARSHA is giving us an extra measure of grace? Surely it has to be Marsha, because she cannot presume to speak in the "first person" as if she were God! And what does that mean: "an extra measure of grace"? YHWH hasn't given us enough grace over the years? In order to be truly blessed by YHWH, you must OBEY Him first!

The thing is, if Burns and his so-called "prophets" were truly speaking for God, they wouldn't dare presume to speak in "first person" as if they were God, or dare to say ANYTHING that doesn't perfectly line up with the Scriptures! What the "prophets" on Burns' site espouse not only doesn't line up with the Scriptures, but most of it makes no sense, whatsoever! Read on....

A Year of Breakthrough The number 10 also signifies the perfection of divine order. The following is a word that the Lord gave me concerning His "divine order" for 2010:

Note from The Refiner's Fire:

There's that numerology again! And "divine order"? Bill, that was given at at the Creation of the world, and written in stone at Sinai, not "revealed" to you as a new revelation!

The Trumpet: That which I give you shall become completely yours because that is My heart towards you, that you fully possess the kingdom that I have translated you into. So get ready for this new year. For indeed it shall be a year of triumph for many and it shall be a year of overcoming because it will be known as the year of the breakthrough of those who follow Me. Zion's path has already been established. Follow it. Follow it through My word as led by the Spirit. For all things will manifest at Zion. Come then, I say, My children to that mountain. Come to the mountain that transfigures you, changes you. Come and see, come and taste, come and dine, come enjoy that which I am about to do, says the Lord.

Note from The Refiner's Fire:

A year of triumph, really? Did the few Christians residing in Haiti experience "triumph" in that terrible January 2010 earthquake? How does this "triumph" you speak of line up with the Books of Daniel and Revelation, in view of the fact that so much has happened to show us that we are IN the end times? Do we look like we're in for a prosperous year, when the entire world is falling apart including the U.S. economy? Have you not sensed that we've got more natural disasters and diseases going than at any other time in recent history? God is about to bring the world to its knees, and Bill and his wife and their "prophets" are saying, "Aww shucks, you're gonna receive a DOUBLE blessing this year!" A double blessing of WHAT? The world is in JUDGMENT for its continued disobedience!

The Lord told me that He was going to give us a "new centering point" to work from. This will be a new point of entrance into the supernatural realm of the kingdom.

The Holy Spirit will move us and center us in a position that aligns with heavenly portals. This is much like your satellite television dish, which must be perfectly aligned with the satellite so the signal can be received. As we enter into the heavenlies through these portals, we will see more clearly into God's purposes than we ever have before. Out of the portal experiences visions, dreams, and prophetic words will be more revealing than ever before.

We will break through into a higher spiritual order than we have known. As these portals are established, angelic visitation will occur more frequently. These experiences will quicken our faith and establish such a spiritual reality of the kingdom that we will begin to have breakthroughs on all levels. Breakthroughs will occur most frequently in our finances and in health issues first and then in other areas.

The Lord of the Breakthrough is coming in this year to lead His people into victory, which will result in the recovery of those things lost.

Note from The Refiner's Fire:

Perhaps Bill Burns could show us in Scripture where He is ever referred to as "Lord of the Breakthrough"? And who, exactly, are "His People"? Those who have ignored His Torah in order to come up with their own names for YHWH and Yeshua? Who have changed the dates of Yeshua's birth, death and resurrection and come up with their own "holy days" which are steeped in paganism? Those who insist His DIVINE Instructions are a curse? Who ignore His Seventh Day Sabbath and Biblical Feasts because "Jesus" somehow abolished those things?

We could go on, but surely, you get the drift! Below is one final comment we want the world to see:

"Some would say that tithing was part of the law and was eliminated when Jesus fulfilled the law. However, tithing was part of Abraham's covenant with God (see Genesis 14:20) before the law, and the law could not "annul the covenant that was confirmed before by God in Christ". (Galatians 3:17)"

Note from The Refiner's Fire:

Well, there you have it: All the other parts of the Torah, according to Christianity, were abolished at the cross, but NOT tithing? This is a perfect example of the huge hoardes who treat the Word as nothing more than a smorgasbord from which to pick and choose! While this by no means includes those good, God-fearing Christians who do their best to know and love the Lord, the content of Bill Burns' comment speaks for itself: The Abrahamic Covenant stays, but those later "613" commands found in Leviticus, etc., well, they were over-ridden by the New Covenant!

Perhaps someone should tell Burns and his "prophets" that God made his New Covenant with the Torah observant Houses of Israel and Judah, and NOT with the pagan Gentiles, or the Christians, or the Muslims, or anyone else! See Jeremiah 31:32.

How DARE these people presume to speak "in the first person" as if they were God Himself speaking to the world? If they really had the gift of prophecy and YHWH really WAS speaking to them, the first thing He would have told them is to start calling Him and His Son by their correct Names and to tell the people to stop shoving paganism down His Holy Throat - and to start doing what HE commanded - i.e., obeying His Torah!

The second thing He would have told them is to STOP telling the world on their "statement of faith" that YHWH is a "trinity"! Nowhere do the Scriptures suggest He is "three persons"! He is "echad" - the plural form of "one" but definitely not three separate Beings. (Example: A man can be a father, son, husband. Does that make him a "trinity"? No! he is ONE person with many aspects....) The "trinity" nonsense is but one false Greek teaching that the enemy has managed to insert into the actual Truth of God...and yet most just blindly "believe" whatever their pastors say....

We pray that Bill Burns and his Faith Tabernacle "prophets" begin to seek YHWH's Face and stop proclaiming things He never said. As it stands, they are guilty of, among other things, breaking the Third Commandment by using YHWH's Name in vain!

Believers, we implore you to stop visiting these Christian "prophecy" sites - especially those that insist you "donate" to them, because they are clearly after your money. Read the Bible for yourself to determine what it actually says and don't blindly follow the teachings of anyone except our one and only true Rabbi, Yeshua haMashiyach!

Folks - It's easy to have one's "ears tickled" but the bottom line is: Whom are you really worshipping?