Challenging the original idea behind "Kwanzaa"

Kwanzaa is another man-made "holy feast" that overtly mocks God and the Bible. As a matter of fact, it seems to have been deliberately planted around the Christmas holidays by its creator who proclaimed "Jesus was psychotic" and insisted Christianity is a white religion that blacks should shun. Yet the American government has seen fit to "acknowledge" Kwanzaa, and the United States Postal Service in 1997 even produced a Kwanzaa stamp issued at the Natural History Museum in Los Angeles, California. In 2004 a second Kwanzaa stamp, created by artist Daniel Minter was issued which has seven figures in colorful robes symbolizing the "seven principles of Blackness"....

It's ironic that every "Tom, Dick and Harry" who comes up with a new religion or a new "holiday" seems to borrow from the Bible. Mohammed did it, and so did Kwanzaa's founder, Maulana Karenga (aka Ron Everett). Not only did he use YHWH's perfect number "seven" within the idea of Kwanzaa (7 is the creative cycle and the number of perfection), but he conveniently set its dates in late December, to coincide with Christmas - not to mention, those who observe Kwanzaa light a seven-candle menorah (a symbol which YHWH Himself created (Exodus 25:31-40)) that comes straight out of the Torah and Judaism....

According to Wikipedia: Maulana Karenga (born July 14, 1941), also known as Ron Everett, is an African American author and political activist. He is best known as the founder of Kwanzaa, a week-long Pan-African celebration observed each year from December 26 to January 1, initiated in California in 1967.

The article goes on to say that Karenga was influenced in the creation of his "ethos for US" by Malcolm X - who, according to Karenga, "...was the major African American thinker that influenced me in terms of nationalism and Pan-Africanism. As you know, towards the end, when Malcolm is expanding his concept of Islam, and of nationalism, he stresses Pan-Africanism in a particular way. And he argues that, and this is where we have the whole idea that cultural revolution and the need for revolution, he argues that we need a cultural revolution, he argues that we must return to Africa culturally and spiritually, even if we can't go physically. And so that's a tremendous impact on US. And US saw itself, when we founded it, as the sons and daughters of Malcolm, and as the heirs to his legacy."

(NOTE: Malcolm X (born Malcolm Little; May 19, 1925 – February 21, 1965), also known as El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz, was an American Black Muslim minister and a one-time spokesman for the Nation of Islam. After leaving the Nation of Islam in 1964, he went on a pilgrimage, the Hajj, to Mecca and became a Sunni Muslim; he also founded the Muslim Mosque, Inc. and the Organization of Afro-American Unity. Less than a year later, he was assassinated in Washington Heights on the first day of National Brotherhood Week.)

It's not surprising that someone like Kwanzaa' founder Karenga - who hated Yeshua and Christianity - would be "influenced" by a "Black Muslim minister" and spokesman for the off-the-mark religion "Nation of Islam" (not to be confused with the REAL Islam - which is equally off-the-mark!). Satan is busy deceiving anyone and everyone who doesn't have a clue about YHWH and the Bible; and he causes those who don't know the Truth to hate the Truth whenever they hear it....

The Wikipedia article goes on to say: In 1966 Ron Karenga created Kwanzaa while living in California. There, he was the leader of the black nationalist United Slaves Organization (also known as the "US Organization" in order to differentiate between "US" and "THEM"), and claims that his goal was to give African Americans an alternative holiday to Christmas. He later stated, " was chosen to give a Black alternative to the existing holiday and give Blacks an opportunity to celebrate themselves and history, rather than simply imitate the practice of the dominant society." At the time he created Kwanzaa, he changed his last name from Everett to the Swahili "Karenga", shaved his head, and began wearing traditional African clothing.

The name Kwanzaa derives from the Swahili phrase "matunda ya kwanza", meaning "first fruits" (Note from The Refiner's Fire: What a coincidence! Yeshua was our First Fruits - which was also one of the Biblical Feasts our Savior has already fulfilled ....). The choice of Swahili, an East African language, reflects its status as a symbol of Pan-Africanism, especially in the 1960s, though most African-Americans have West African ancestry>.

The official stance on the spelling of the holiday is that an additional "a" was added to "Kwanza" so that the word would have seven letters. (Gosh, what an AMAZING coincidence - There's God's perfect number again!) At the time there were seven children in Karenga's United Slaves Organization, each wanted to represent one of the letters in Kwanzaa. Also, the name was meant to have a letter for each of what Karenga called the "Seven Principles of Blackness". Another explanation is that Karenga added the extra "a" to distinguish the Afro-American from the African.

Kwanzaa is a celebration that has its roots in the civil rights era of the 1960s, and was established as a means to help African Americans reconnect with what Karenga characterized as their African cultural and historical heritage by uniting in meditation and study around principles that have their putative origins in what Karenga asserts are "African traditions" and "common humanist principles."

The question remains, if that's all it was, then why does this "holiday" link back to YHWH and the Bible, unless it was done intentionally? Why not have six or eight or fifteen "Principles of Blackness"? Why not have ten or thirteen or any other number of candles in their menorahs? And why "First Fruits"?....There are simply too many "coincidences" in Karenga's "holiday" which proves he was blatantly mocking the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Shame on him! Not only did he mock YHWH, but he also very obviously attempted to fan the fires of racial tension in order to mock God's Creation whose colors comes in Black, White, Yellow, Brown and Red.

Bottom line: While it's a wonderful thing to celebrate one's heritage we should never mock our Creator! Unless something comes from YHWH Himself, it's NOT holy; it's just another man-made "holiday" - a day of celebration which, in the grand scheme of things, means absolutely nothing.

Someone should suggest that people who concoct human/carnal "holy days/holidays" should keep God and His Word out of it and try to come up with something original! It was hypocritical of Karenga, who obviously hates God, to have used Biblical symbols in his concocted "holiday" whose undertones clearly spew venom.