Challenging "The God Who Wasn't There" movie

Ever heard about Brian Flemming's 2005 documentry film The God Who Wasn't There? It's an attempt by the hyperskeptical community to advance the thesis that Yeshua/Jesus never existed.

Unfortunately, Flemming - like all other atheists and "pantheists" such as "Acharya S" (whose vitriol-filled chatrooms teem with glee over this nonsensical movie and anything else that attempts to disprove the Bible) - doesn't have the first clue about God and the Bible; nor does he know the difference between "religion" and Truth. He's just another of the many lost souls trying to make a buck any way he can by using personal opinion and ear-tickling ideas designed to rile the blind masses....

If you're interested in the "other side" - responses from those who actually KNOW the Bible, then check out the hundreds of articles on The Refiner's Fire which provide plenty of "food for thought" for skeptics to chew on!