Questionnaire for our Christian friends



Is it really true that to gain eternal life, all we have to do is "believe" in Jesus? Well, yes...but there's a little more to it.

Children "believe" in their parents, but unless they obey the parents (who are constantly teaching them for their own good) they cannot thrive in this world. For instance, if we let our babies raise themselves, they'll die. If they make it to toddler age, they'll constantly get into trouble because they don't know right from wrong and cannot yet discern what will and won't harm them.

Our Creator YHWH (the English letters corresponding to the Hebrew letters, ????, most like pronounced "Yah-way") has had rules since the very beginning - for our own good (Don't eat from that tree in the middle of the Garden or you'll die! - Genesis 2:15-17.) As the world's population grew, He kept adding to those rules. While most were meant for the Levite priests, YHWH gave some that were only for men, others only for women, and some only for a certain point in time. But the "forever" commands (i.e., Seventh Day Shabbat, feasts and eating kosher) are the ones we must watch out for because "Forever" hasn't ended yet! Those are the ones that set us apart!

Yes, we are "saved" because Yeshua was the Final Sin Offering and all we have to do today is to "believe" in him. (It is important to remember that he was NOT a "sacrifice" per se, because nobody performed a "sacrifice" ritual, and YHWH never demanded "human sacrifice." Yeshua (whom Christians call "Jesus") OFFERED up his life for us to become our Redeemer. The thing is, there is more to having a real relationship with God - and that is: if you wish to serve YHWH, you must follow His Divine rules!

Christianity has come up with their own name for the Messiah, and has changed the dates of His birth, death and resurrection and concocted their own man-made "holy days"....How is that pleasing to God?

If this piqued your curiosity, please take this quick questionnaire....

1. Do you love God with all your heart, mind and soul?

2. If so, what do you DO to show you love Him?

3. Are you living a holy/set apart life? How do you know?

4. Since most Christians believe that the "Old Testament" was only for the Jews, are only Jews expected to live holy lives? Show scriptural proof that Torah was "only for the Jews."

5. In your own words, explain what "the law" is and what "under the law" means.

6. Find a scripture commanding us to celebrate the Messiah's birth and that this holiday should be called "Christmas."

7. Provide scripture showing the Seventh Day Sabbath was changed to Sunday.

8. Provide scripture to show there are only two commandments.

9. Provide scripture to show why His seven Feasts/Appointed Times wouldn't apply to Christians.

10. Find scripture that says God's Divine Instructions in Righteousness (Torah) were ever negated.

11. Do you adhere to the commands of YHWH/The Father and the teachings of Jesus, or do you constantly quote from the writings of Paul to show that God's Divine Instructions in Righteousness have been abolished?

12. If the law was nailed to the tree/cross, how can it now be in your heart?

Please click here for biblical answers to the questions above!