Have you accepted YHWH as your ELOHIM and know that Yeshua, His Divine Messiah, shed his blood for your sake?

We were all born into a "lost and fallen world" which was is a direct result of the willful disobedience of Adam and Eve who chose to "eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil" and were consequently removed from the Garden of Eden (Genesis 3). Therefore, everyone is automatically a sinner who must constantly make the choice to serve either "good" or "evil" - between YHWH (Yahway = The Creator) or Satan. Your personal choices will result in either eternal life or eternal death/separation from YHWH, as He refuses to be in the presence of sin. (All of the following Scripture references were borrowed from the Aramaic English New Testament.)

Romans 3: 23. For they have all sinned, and failed of the glory of Elohim. 24. And they are granted the status of being righteous by grace and by the redemption which is in Y'shua the Mashiyach 25. Whom Elohim has ordained in advance a propitiation by faith in his blood, because of our previous sins 26. In the space which Elohim in his long suffering gave to us for the manifestation of his righteousness at the present time, that he might be righteous, and might with righteousness make him righteous who is in the faith of our Master Y'shua the Mashiyach.

Romans 6: 23. For the wages of sin is death; but the free gift of Elohim is life eternal, through our Master Y'shua the Mashiyach.

John 3: 16. Thus, for Elohim loved the world so as he would give His Only-Begotten Son, that whoever would believe in him would not perish, but would have life that is eternal.

John 3:36 He who believes in the Son has life that is eternal, and he who does not obey the Son will not see life, rather the wrath of Elohim will rise up against him.

Because of our sin, we all deserve death and the wrath of God. But God, who loves us, has provided a way for us to have eternal life with Him - through the atoning death of Yeshua HaMashiyach (whom Christians refer to as Jesus Christ). On Judgment Day (which is at the end of Yeshua's Millennial Reign; see Isaiah 13:6,9; Jeremiah 46:10; Joel 1:15; 2:11; Amos 5:18; Obadiah 1:15 and Revelation 20:1-15), each of us will stand before YHWH our Elohim to give an account of our life...and - depending on whether we accepted YHWH as our God and Yeshua, His Messiah who died on our behalf, and lived righteous, holy lives according to His Torah - we will either end up in Heaven with Him for eternity...or hell, separated from Him forever.

Hell is a place of eternal separation from YHWH. Each person who goes to hell will be separated forever from the source of life, the heart of love, the very One for Whom they were created. Hell is a place where your soul will be destroyed (Matthew 7:23 and 10:27-29). And since the soul/nephesh can die (Ezekiel 18:4, etc.) you will no longer exist - which seems to suggest there is eternal punishMENT, but not eternal punishING!

John 1: 12. But those who did receive Him He gave to them authority that they might be the sons of Elohim, those who have believed in His name. 13. Those who neither by blood nor by the will of the flesh nor by the will of a man, rather were begotten by Elohim.

It is imperative for us to accept Yeshua as YHWH's Divine Messiah because (1) As the living Torah/the Word (John 1:1-14), YHWH sent him to earth for the purpose of teaching mankind about the Kingdom and how to live a holy life according to Torah, and then he died on our behalf; and (2) no human is automatically born into salvation.

Romans 10: 9. And if you will confess with your mouth our Master Y'shua, and will believe with your heart that Elohim has raised him from the dead, you will live. 10. For the heart that believes in him is made righteous; and the mouth that confess him is restored to life. 11. For the Scripture says: Everyone that believes in him will not be ashamed. 12. And in this, it discriminates neither Jews nor Gentiles. For there is one, Master YHWH, over them all, who is abundantly generous towards every one that calls on him. 13. For everyone that will call on the name of Master YHWH, will have life.

Although YHWH and Yeshua are ONE, you can certainly pray in the name of Yeshua (Philippians 2:5-11, John 14:13-14; 1 John 5:14-15), believing in him and in his "sacrifice" for your sins. Yeshua was the sinless (1 Peter 2:22), eternal Son of God (the "arm of YHWH" - Isaiah 53:1) who became a man (John 1:1,14) and died to pay our penalty.

Acts 2:38. Shimon said to them, "Repent and be immersed each of you in the name of Master YHWH-Y'shua.

NOTE: MarYah (Master YHWH) and Yeshua appear next to one another! Therefore, Keefa (Peter) is saying that the divine part of Yeshua and YHWH are one and the same; he is referring to Him in both ways! (Please check out Yeshua's qualifications to be THE Messiah!)

Philippians 2:5. And think you so in yourselves, as Y'shua the Mashiyach also thought; 6. who, as he was in the likeness of Elohim, did not regard it sinful to be the coequal of Elohim; 7. yet disinherited himself and assumed the likeness of a servant, and was in the likeness of men and was found in fashion as a man; 8. and he humbled himself and became obedient to death, even the death of the stake.

Romans 5:8. Elohim has here manifested his love towards us. Because, if when we were sinners, Mashiyach died for us, 9. How much more will we now be made righteous by his blood and be rescued from wrath by him? 10. For if when we were enemies Elohim was reconciled with us by the death of his Son, how much more will we, in his reconciliation, live by his life? 11. And not only so, but we also rejoice in Elohim by means of our Master Y'shua the Mashiyach through whom we have now received the reconciliation. 12. As by means of one man, sin entered into the world; and, by means of sin, death; and so death passed upon all the sons of men inasmuch as they all have sinned: 13. For until Torah sin, although it was in the world, was not accounted sin because there was no Torah.

Yeshua died on the cross/stake (John 19:31-42), taking the punishment that we deserve (2 Corinthians 5:21). Three days later He rose from the dead (1 Corinthians 15:1-4), proving His victory over sin and death.

1 Peter 1:3. Blessed be Elohim, the Father of our Master Y'shua the Mashiyach who in his great mercy have begotten us anew, by the resurrection of our Master Y'shua the Mashiyach, to the hope of life 4. and to an inheritance incorruptible, undefiled and unfading, which is prepared for you in heaven; 5. while you are kept, by the power of Elohim and by faith, for the life that is prepared and will be revealed in the last times;

John 1: 1. In the beginning was the Miltha (Word). And that Miltha was with Elohim. And Elohim was that Miltha. 2. This was with Elohim in the beginning. 3. Everything existed through His hands, and without Him, not even one thing existed of the things which have existed.

John 1:14 14. And the Miltha (Word) became flesh and dwelt among us and we saw His glory, the glory as the Only-Begotten who is from the Father who is full of grace and truth.

1 Timothy 3: 16. and truly great, is this mystery of righteousness which was revealed in the flesh and righteous in the spirit, and seen by Messengers, and proclaimed among the Gentiles, and believed on in the world, and received up into glory.

Yeshua was The Word, the "arm" of YHWH; not part of a "trinity" but a part of YHWH (a human being with a divine qnoma/nature) who was sent in the Flesh to reveal YHWH and His ways and commands/divine teachings, and to personally demonstrate how to properly worship the Father via Torah (first five Books of the Bible/the Books of Moses). He did not come to replace YHWH or to "abolish" YHWH's divine teaching/instruction, as many seem to believe! Yeshua was the SON!

Ephesians 2: 8. For it is by His grace we are rescued, through faith; and this is not of yourselves, but it is the gift of Elohim: 9. Not of works, or else anyone glory (in themselves).

There is nothing we can do to earn salvation. We are saved only by the grace of God. And once we have accepted Him as our God, we MUST obey His commands. If we don't whom are we worshiping?

1 John 5: 11. And this is the testimony that Elohim has given to us life eternal, and this life is in his Son. 12. Everyone that takes hold of the Son takes hold of life; and everyone that takes not hold of the Son, has not life. 13. These things have I written to you that you may know that you have life eternal, you who believe in the name of the Son of Elohim. 14. And this is the confidence that we have towards him, that whatever we ask of him, agreeably to his will, he hears us.

Many will tell you that you have to say a "sinner's prayer" in order to receive Messiah, but that is not what the Bible says. Your BELIEF is all that counts; it is strictly between you and YHWH! Your belief in YHWH - the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and His Divine Messiah who martyred Himself on our behalf by becoming our Final SIN Sacrifice/Offering.

(NOTE: Our use of the term "martyr" is intentional because traditional Jews love to point out that "G-d never required human sacrifice!" Well, Y'shua wasn't a "human sacrifice" because nobody "sacrificed" Him. He was a Divine Sacrifice who willingly offered himself unto death. As a human being, he had the choice to obey YHWH or not. As we see time and time again, he CHOSE to obey. He KNEW exactly who he was....)

Belief MUST result in action! Once you have accepted Yeshua as your Messiah, then you must realize he didn't come to start a new religion, or to change His Father's "forever" commands - which still stand today. He came to proclaim the Kingdom of YHWH and do everything His Father commanded. He did not come to replace His Father; He was an "arm of YHWH" - the "Living Torah"! (See Isaiah 53:1; John 1:1-5, 14; Col. 2:15, etc.)

James 2:14. What is the use, my Brothers, if a man say, I have faith; and he has no works? Can his faith resurrect him? 15. Or if a brother or sister be naked, and destitute of daily food, 16. and one of you say to them, "Go in peace, warm yourselves, and be full;" and you do not give them the necessities of the body, what is the use? 17. So also faith alone, without works, is dead. 18. For a man may say, you have faith and I have works; show to me your faith that is without works and I will show to you my faith by my works. 19. You believe that there is one Elohim; you do well; the demons also believe and tremble. resurrect him?

So, what must you do to gain eternal life? To enter eternal life, we must know YHWH and believe that His Divine Son Yeshua willingly died for us; and then decide to live a "set-apart" (holy) life according to Torah, which is our only blueprint for moral, holy living. Once you do this, you will "become hungry" for His Word and begin to realize that you want to do all you can to please Him. For those who truly want to change their lives from the inside-out, this will lead into a hunger for YHWH's Torah which contains several "forever" commands.