Challenging Satanism!

Here is a word of wisdom for those wanting to dabble around in satanism: DON'T! You do not know what you are getting into! The Bible warns us that the forces of darkness are very powerful, and that we are not to play around with them.

Even Yeshua Himself was careful to use Scripture rather than human logic against satan. If you don't believe it, just take a look at the downward spiral that the world has begun to take over the last century. "Good" is looked upon as "bad" these days, and vice versa. Decadence, rather than being shunned, has become popular. This is ALL satan's doing! If that's not enough to convince you, then check out some of those awful, demonic-looking characters depicted on satanic websites; they will make your skin crawl! Why would ANYBODY want to worship something like that?

Satanism is a horrendous blasphemy against Scripture. It goes against everything the Bible teaches! And yes, we said BIBLE! After all, that is where satan was originally mentioned. He is a created being, not the Creator!

The following article challenges websites such as Joy of satan which uses outright lies and innuendo to ensnare unsuspecting seekers - i.e., "satan is the real creator of the universe", and "God is a lie". Unlike other satanic sects, the "Joy of satan" webmaster/leader Maxine Dietrich views Jews as a "cosmic enemy" and entices her followers to support National Socialism, i.e., Neo-Nazi parties, etc.

Dietrich has also stated that she intends to "wage an astral war" against the Jews....Truth is, she can "wage" whatever she wants; God has given us the choice to belong to Him, or not. The bottom line is, the Bible tells us that YHWH (Yahweh) is in charge, not some satanist who worships some created being!

Here are some excerpts from Joy of satan:


Realizing that satanists don't believe in the Bible, they do sometimes mention the Bible in order to try to justify their belief. Therefore, The Refiner's Fire feels the need to challenge satanism according to GOD'S WORD. The Bible reveals that people worship many "gods"; however, the ONLY TRUE GOD is Our Creator, YHWH - the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob who ultimately revealed Himself to us as His "Son" Yeshua who was and is YHWH-Come-in-the-Flesh:

Besides many spelling and grammatical errors on this particular site, the other obvious faux-pas is the deliberate omission of sources. For instance, the webmaster doesn't say what the QU'RET AL-YEZID is, or exactly WHO wrote it or WHEN. It was obviously written by some human. If satan is our "real creator", WHERE is the proof that he is? In some man-made document? The Bible speaks of satan throughout, which proves that he is real.

That being the case, so is YHWH - who WARNS us about this very real threat and even goes so far as to tell us how to shun him. (See Genesis 3:1, 7, 14; Ezekiel 28:12 and 16; 1 Timothy 3:6; Romans 5:12; John 8:44; I John 3:8; Luke 4:5; John 14:30; II Corinthians 4:3; Mark 4:14; Mathew 12:24; Luke 13:11; Acts 10:38; Job 1:6, 2:1; Zechariah 3:1; and Revelation 12:1, to mention a few.) The BIBLE, the ONLY true Word of God - whose writings have NEVER been disproven by anyone!

Recent archeological excavations have unearthed a large number of ancient tablets in the area known as the "Fertile Crescent." … These tablets are presently in the British Museum. Scholars have been working on deciphering the ancient inscriptions for some years now. WHAT HAS COME TO LIGHT IS THAT THE GOD KNOWN AS satan/LUCIFER "THE DEVIL" IS THE TRUE FATHER AND CREATOR OF HUMANITY. He gave us an evolutionary hand up and along with the Nephilim (those now refered to as Demons) taught humanity civilization.

Notice the webmaster does not mention the exact date of this supposed excavation, the name and date of a publication that could verify this supposed "fact", and the names of the supposed scholars who have been working on deciphering the inscriptions. And how do we know that it "has come to light...the god known as satan/Lucifer, 'the devil' is the TRUE father and creator of humanity"? The website never cites ANY news sources, names, or dates....

The Old Gods turned the Earth over to the younger Gods who have become power mad (yaweh/jehova), cruel and negligent. With the age of Aquarius, this will come to an end. There IS spiritual warfare.

Exactly WHERE is this substantiated? And - didn't they just contradict themselves by calling them "Gods"? The fact that satan and satanism exist (and the fact that most of our lives are in a constant state of turmoil) is living proof that there IS indeed, spiritual warfare. That is why it is absolutely imperative that we adhere to YHWH's Living Word!

For those who are desperate to believe that satan is all-knowing, all-powerful, please check out the Scriptures which will prove otherwise. The only power satan has is what YHWH allows him to have!

There are myriad lies and outrageous comments on every one of the satanic websites, but yet some people are willing to sacrifice their eternal souls in order to believe their man-made nonsense. The reason for this is because satanism offers them power and self-worth. satanism attracts especially those who are rebelling against God or society, or those who have been abused or bullied in some way and are seeking to regain power and to become "gods", as satanism promises. Since satanism offers magic spells and tangible "weapons" against those who get in their way or have wronged them in some way, these people readily accept the lies as absolute doctrine - which verifies the Word of God that tells us man is inherently evil, thanks to the actions of Adam and Eve.

Hosea 4: 6 My people are destroyed for want of knowledge. Because you rejected knowledge, I will also reject you as cohen for me. Because you forgot the Torah of your God, I will also forget your children.

A lack of knowledge about the Bible has left the world in turmoil. What used to be ungodly is now accepted by the majority of Churches all over the globe. What God calls and abomination is now considered an alternate lifestyle. Most skip over scripture, twist words and even interpret them as they see fit. As the scripture above says, most have forgotten the laws YHWH sent forth and we are seeing and reaping the result.

Ephesians 6: 12. For our conflict is not with flesh and blood but with principalities and with those in authority, and with the possessors of this dark world, and with the evil spirits that are under heaven. (AENT)

Contrary to what many believe, satan does exist. Even some of those that have been in church for years deny he is real. How someone claim to be a child of God and yet reject scripture that clearly says that satan and demons exist? How can they "warm the pews", claim to be believers and then practice satanism or witchcraft?

2 Corinthians 4: 2. But we have renounced the concealments of dishonor, and we walk not in craftiness, nor do we treat the Word of Elohim deceitfully; but by the manifestation of the truth we exhibit ourselves to all the consciences of men before Elohim. 3. And if our Good News is veiled, it is veiled to them that perish; 4. To them whose minds the god of this world has blinded, in order that they might not believe, or else the light of the Flame (Good News) of the glory of the Mashiyach (who is the likeness of Elohim) should dawn upon them. 5. For it is not ourselves that we preach, but the Mashiyach, Y'shua our Master; and, as to ourselves, that we are your servants for Y'shua' sake. 6. Because Elohim, who commanded the light to arise from darkness, has Himself shined in our hearts, that we might be illuminated with the knowledge of the glory of Elohim on the face of Y'shua the Mashiyach. (AENT)

It is as the above scripture says. They are lost and blinded by satan. YHWH has given us his Word to live by yet many run from the Truth.

1 Timothy 4: 1. But the Spirit says explicitly that, in the latter times, some will depart from the faith, and will go after deceptive spirits and after the doctrine of demons. 2. These will seduce by a false appearance, and will speak a lie and will be seared in their conscience; (AENT)

It is said that what one generation allows in moderation, the next will practice in excess. How true! Too many gutless believers have sat back and said nothing and today we are reaping the result. Preachers/teachers do not want to offend the average pew-setter and will not tell the congregation what is happening! They are obviously too worried about their paychecks, and are afraid of the deacons or elders.

Yeshua Himself used Scripture against the Tempter:

Matthew 4: 3. And approached he that was tempting and said to him "if you are the son of Elohim, say to these rocks become bread," 4. and he answered and said, It is written that the Son of man does not live by bread alone, but by all the Words [1] that proceed from the mouth of YHWH. 5. Then the accuser took him to the Set Apart city and raised him upon the edge of the temple, 6. and said to him, "If you are the son of Elohim, cast yourself down for it is written that his Messengers he commands concerning you, and upon their hands they will bear you up that your foot should not strike upon a rock."[2] 7. Y'shua said to him, Again it is written that you will not test Master YHWH your Elohim. 8. Again the accuser took him to (a) mountain that (was) very high and showed him all the kingdoms of the world and their glory, 9. and said to him, "These all I will give to you if you will fall (and) worship me." 10. Then Y'shua said to him Leave enemy, for it is written that you will worship Master YHWH your Elohim and Him alone you will serve. 11. Then the accuser left him alone and behold, Messengers approached and were ministering to him.(See Matthew 4:1-13) (AENT)


[1] Y'shua declares that he himself, along with all of mankind, is required to live by the "Words" of YHWH, and that the Commandments Y'shua teaches are in fact YHWH's Commandments from Torah. However, Greek/English translators inserted the title Kurios/Lord, for both YHWH and Y'shua, rather than using original Names. Christian theologians then began teaching the fallacy that their "New Testaments" were the "new" Word, or new "Commandments of Y'shua" that replaced the original Word of YHWH, which is Torah.

[2] A dark foreshadowing of the martyrdom of Ya'akov HaTsaddiq (James the Just) brother of Y'shua. Ya'akov, who routinely prayed at the Temple to ask YHWH's forgiveness for the sins of his people, was highly regarded for his meekness, devotion and service to the Jewish people. It was said that Ya'akov had camel's knees because he very often prayed while on his knees. He was ultimately thrown off the top of the Temple by demonized religious fanatics because of his allegiance to Y'shua Mashiyach. Ya'akov taught that Y'shua is the Arm of YHWH revealed, and he refused to renounce his belief in Y'shua Mashiyach. Origen criticized Josephus for attributing the fall of Jerusalem to the martyrdom of Ya'akov, rather than to Y'shua.

Satan is far more intelligent and powerful than the collective intellects of the most brilliant minds on earth. To adequately defend Himself, Yeshua had to come up with a better defense than mere human logic could ever produce. You'll notice Yeshua did not defend Himself by trying to reason with satan as to why it was ludicrous that He should give in to the temptations. He had a more powerful and effective defense - He quoted Scripture! Notice also that when ALL hung in the balance, Yeshua let the outcome be determined by the veracity of the 1,400 year old writings of Moses. This proves that He was convinced of the authority, authenticity, and inerrancy of Scripture!

Since Yeshua patterned His thinking on the inerrancy of Scripture, shouldn't we?

Satanism claims to have all the answers for the lost of this world. Satanists do not hesitate to mention how man has skewed God's Word and consequently segmented it into all the various religions. What they DON'T mention, however, is that there are sects even among satanists! There are diverse groups of satanists who ascribe to differing beliefs; notably, Modern satanists, Traditional satanists and Spiritual satanists - each with their own respective beliefs about whether or not satan is an actual being, or just a "force". They all call Christians "x-tians" and believe that Lucifer (the Archangel who was kicked out of Heaven and became known as satan) is their creator. They ALL twist Scripture to suit their respective purposes, and they all claim to be non-violent and "normal" - yet NONE of them hesitate to use their various "powers" to hurt people. To wit:

Revenge: If someone makes us mad and deserves to be punished we will ask Father or our Guardian Demon to take care of them. Unlike RHP religions we don't have to worry about that Karma/3 fold crap. We are NOT weak and when someone deserves to get hurt or destroyed we take care of it.

Magick: We do many forms of magick. Mostly Black magick because this is most useful for us to gain revenge or get things we want.

Meditation: This is the MOST vital area in Spiritual satanism. This boosts our mind powers to extraordinary levels. Even to the point of the abilities to do extra-ordinary and supernatural things. These things ARE possible. You just need the right techniques to make them happen.

Can you see how it all comes back to the "power thing"? These are people who have a crazed desire to be in charge and to be noticed. Their favorite cry appears to be "Hail satan".

One satanic website espouses that satanism is NOT a religion of hate:

"Satanism is not of hate and weird sexual perversity, the Temples of satan is always purging deviants who attempt to attain membership status, some will argue that Grand Magister Blackwood leads a life of perverse nature, however no Clergy of the Temples of satan has witnessed any behavior contrary to being of indulgence sexually, we are not embarrassed by his operation of a successful and thriving Escort Service, nor are we embarrassed at his appetite for sex, he is six hundred and sixty six percent a sexual magnet and his ability to drive women to himself is very satanic in nature, however it is looked upon as an ability and duly noted as a quality man male would love to possess."

"...Not of hate and weird sexual perversity" - yet openly sexually indulgent? Why would ANYONE would want to be part of an organization that blatantly goes against decency, morality, and God's Word? (By the way, without the Bible, we wouldn't even know right from wrong, decent from indecent, moral from immoral. The Bible is the document that originally outlined how man is to worship God, and how we should behave toward one another.)

After reading this, could one STILL be interested in satanism? What you choose to do is strictly up to you. God gives us all the choice to either love and follow Him - or not. Just remember: YHWH is the TRUE Creator. satan is a CREATED being, just like you and me. THAT FACT can be verified in the BIBLE - the Book that God "breathed" and which has been around for centuries; the Book whose hundreds of prophecies have ALREADY come true and are STILL unfolding before our very eyes!

Whom do you choose to follow: YHWH....or a created being?

The Bible tells us that evil spirits are active in astrology, fortune-telling or soothsaying, mediums, the occult, etc. If you have become involved in satanism or any other form of Paganism, please read the following Scripture that talk about how God feels about the occult: