Refuting the unholy assertions of Sherry Shriner

A reader recently wrote: Do you have any insight on Sherry Shriner and if she is speaking from God's heart?

Great question! Until now, we had never heard of author, radio show host, webmaster and "prophet" Sherry Shriner! But, upon checking out her various websites which she says receive millions of hits, we've decided that she belongs on our "false prophets" page because her teachings (for which she receives "donations) do not, in any way, line up with the Bible....

Shriner's articles reek of convoluted, verbose and unbiblical minutiae that has nothing whatsoever to do with God or the Bible; yet, the things she says are "ear tickling" and "cool" for those who don't know enough about the Bible to know the difference between real and false teachings.

For instance, Shriner has spent much time attempting to show that Paul was a self-serving megalomaniac; that his teachings are completely false, and that he contradicted Yeshua; all the while suggesting she espouses the Truth - never mind the fact that her "truth" consists mostly of personal opinions and "prophetic words" that don't line up with the Bible. If she were truly aware of her Hebraic roots and had bothered to try to read the teachings of Paul from a Hebrew (as opposed to Greek) mindset, she would realize that all her articles against Paul are bogus and full of holes because Paul never negated any of Yeshua's teachings! Like Yeshua, Paul was a Torah observant, Sabbath and Feast keeping, kosher Jew....Please see our study on the Book of Romans.

Shriner also wants the world to believe that Bible codes and various other BUNK on her sites are real and/or "words" to her directly from God. If you've ever seen a program about Bible codes, you would see they normally refer to King James versions - never to the original Hebrew and Aramaic. Please ask yourself how there could possibly be "Bible codes" in a translated version??? God didn't write to us in codes; He gave us EVERYTHING we needed to know in this life. And let's be honest here: a Bible code would certainly NOT contain Sherry Shriner's name, as she suggests!

She also asserts that UFO's and "Vampires are real"; that there are "angels in the flesh born as humans"; and that Satan comes from the "Planet Rahab" also known as "Planet X". Our question is: Where are the Scriptures to support those idiotic allegations? And perhaps President Bush should be made aware of the fact that she believes he's a Satanist from the Serpent Seedline? God apparently hasn't given her the "prophetic" word that the things she's espoused about the President of the United States can be considered slander and libel....

Is it any wonder that the world thinks believers in Messiah are a bunch of schizophrenic lunatics and hypocrites? People like Shriner are the very reason every believer needs to get into the Bible and LEARN the Word for themselves.