Dear Refiner's Fire...

Have you guys, by any chance, seen this video of Kenneth Copeland and Rodney Howard Browne showing their "Toronto Blessing" nonsense?

In this "Toronto Blessing" video, these "pastors" are heard "speaking in tongues" (according to what they perceive as "tongues"), and we can see people overcome by "holy laughter" and still others barking and crawling around on the floor like dogs.

Browne begins by appearing to be praying (in tongues, of course) and then he speaks to Copeland, in "tongues," and then Copeland responds (in apparently the same tongue) and the two carry on a grand conversation, seeming to understand each other as they speak using their "gift"...which just so happens only THEY can understand....

Our Response...

Thanks for sending us this video portraying the LUNACY of certain pastors - and those who actually fall for their idiotic nonsense! What this video accurately portrays is "religiosity gone wild" and headed by people who are worshipping anyone but the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob! What they are doing is completely against Scripture and is nothing but blasphemy. This is why it is so very important for people to verify against Scripture EVERYTHING they see, read or hear, and to NEVER blind follow any man! If something doesn't perfectly line up with Scripture, then it isn't from God - period.

YHWH time and time again, warns us against "religious spirits" and things that in no way profit the Kingdom. "Tongues" is only gift that can be faked, and we must be VERY careful not to allow ourselves to be sucked in by those who are obviously using it to make money from "the Word of God." Check out these scriptures:

2 Timothy 2: 14. Of these things admonish you them and charge (them) before our Master (Y'shua) that they do not argue with unprofitable words to the subversion of those who hear them. 15. And study to present yourself before Elohim perfectly, a laborer who is not ashamed, one who correctly announces the Word of Truth. 16. Avoid vain discourses in which there is no profit; for they very much add to the wickedness of those occupied with them. 17. And their discourse, like an eating cancer, will lay hold upon many. And one of these is Hymeneus, and another Philetus 18. who have wandered from the truth while they say, The resurrection of the dead has passed: and they subvert the faith of some.

19. But the firm foundation of Elohim stands and it has this seal: "Master YHWH knows them who are His" and, "Let everyone who invokes the name of our Master (Y'shua) stand aloof from iniquity." 20. But in a great house there are not only vessels of gold or silver, but also of wood and of pottery; and some of them for honor, and some for dishonor. 21. If therefore anyone purge himself from these things, he will be a pure vessel for honor, fit for the use of his Master (Y'shua) and prepared for every good work. (AENT)

As for "tongues" - here is what we are instructed to do:

1 Corinthians 14: 9. So likewise if you utter many words in a tongue, and there is no interpretation given, how will it be known what you have said? You will have been as if you spoke into the air. 10. For behold, there are many kinds of tongues in the world; and there is not one of them without meaning. 11. But if I do not know the import of the sound, I will be a barbarian to him that speaks, and the speaker will be a barbarian to me.

12. So also you, since you are searching for the gifts of the Spirit for the edification of the assembly, you seek to excel. 13. And let him that speaks in a tongue, pray that he may interpret. 14. For if I should pray in a tongue, my spirit prays, but my (spiritual) understanding is without fruits. 15. What then will I do? I will pray with my spirit, and will pray with my understanding; and I will sing with my spirit, and will sing with my understanding.

16. Otherwise, if you bless in the spirit, how will he that fills the place of one unlearned, say "Amen" on your giving thanks; for he does not know what you say? 17. You bless, indeed, very well; but your neighbor is not edified. 18. I thank Elohim that I speak with tongues more than all of you. 19. But in the assembly, I would rather speak five words with my (spiritual) understanding, that I might instruct others, than a myriad of words in a tongue. 20. My Brothers, do not be infantile in your thoughts; but to evil things be as newborns; and in your thoughts be complete (men). 21. In Torah it is written: "With a foreign speech, and in another tongue, will I speak with this people; and even so also they will not hear and obey me," says Master YHWH.

22. Wherefore, tongues are established for a sign, not to the believers, but to them that do not believe. But prophecies are not for those who disbelieve, but for them that believe. 23. If therefore the whole assembly gathers, and they all speak with tongues, and there come in unlearned persons, or those that disbelieve, will they not say: "These people are crazy?"67 24. But if you should be all prophesying, and one unlearned or an unbeliever should come among you, he is explored by you all, and rebuked by you all; 25. And the secrets of his heart are laid open (to him): and so he will fall upon his face, and will worship Elohim, and say: "Verily, Elohim is in you."

26. I therefore say (to you) my Brothers, that when you assemble, whoever of you has a psalm, let him speak; and whoever has a doctrine, and whoever has a revelation, and whoever has a tongue, and whoever has an interpretation. Let them all be for edification. 27. And if any speak in a tongue, let two speak or at most, three; and let them speak one by one; and let (some) one interpret. (AENT)

In this particular video, no one interpreted, and they were not blessing YHWH in a tongue, rather, they were speaking to each other. Moreover, the assembly was filled with supposed believers, and in 1 Corinthians 14:22, you see that tongues is not meant for believers, rather, for unbelievers. And if the tongue is not interpreted, it is worthless. Kenneth Copeland and Rodney Browne are charlatans led by satan whose single goal is to lead people away from YHWH!