A Word for the World's Atheists

Every atheist we have ever encountered through The Refiner's Fire website, has the same lame reasoning when it comes to God and the Bible - and, it turns out, most of them have little or no understanding of the Bible. Even those who proclaim to be former Christians and have some actual Bible knowledge, have misunderstood what they thought they knew - which is blatantly obvious by the things they proclaim.

It was Satan's plan all along to confuse the masses, and he's done a very good job! Atheists are proof of this; Satanists are proof of this; and the myriad "Christian" denominations are proof of this. Hardly anybody picks up the Bible to check the facts for themselves. Atheists claim to "think for themselves" but the bottom line is, they do not; most of them simply jump on the bandwagon of hate (as evidenced by the evil spewed forth in atheist websites), and take the word of others in order to form their own opinions....

The bottom line is, we are not plant fodder when we die, as atheists want the world to believe. The entire makeup of the universe is proof of God's existence. God gave us the Bible which explains more than most people realize (because they don't understand the Bible).

More than 300 prophecies have already been fulfilled, and are being fulfilled right now before our very eyes as outlined in the Books of Daniel and Revelation. Even the Middle East problems were foreshadowed in the Bible; nothing over there is a random happening. It began with the jealousy between Isaac and Ishmael and won't be resolved until Yeshua's (Jesus) return. The Bible foretold the coming battle of Armageddon, and all indicators in the Middle East point to WWIII, thanks to the Muslims, whom God is using to make His end times scenario happen. (Some links to articles which explain this are listed below.)

In order to believe the proof on our website, and to be able to see the Bible unfolding, one has to have some faith in the fact that humans aren't in charge; one has to realize that humans did NOT create the universe and that it didn't just fall together in perfect order on its own; that humans are mortal; and despite our wonderful technology, our sin natures ALWAYS spur us on to war with our neighbors, beginning within our own family units. Throughout world history, the years of war way outnumber the years of peace. And it's all because we ignored our Creator who gave us simple formulas in order to live a Godly life. (As a matter of fact, He has tried with endless patience various ways to get through to us, and yet we keep ignoring Him! Man can't even keep the Ten Commandments; let alone, the original 613 revealed in the Torah (the first five books of the Bible; God's original teaching and instruction).

Yes, there are "religious kooks and nuts" who have totally misunderstood God and the Bible and are pushing their own agendas; but if you truly knew what the Bible said, you could make up your own mind as to whether what the "kooks" say is right or wrong. One has to have, not only faith, but also some intelligence to see the Divine order in everything.

Matthew 7:13 says that most people will NOT accept God. Judging by what the Book of Revelation tells us, that means approximately two-thirds of our 6 billion population will perish to eternal damnation.

Will you be among them?

The Refiner's Fire exists to present God to the world. For those of who who don't believe in God and are truly interested in discovering the TRUTH, we ask that you lay aside your prejudice and read the following links which explain God, the relationship between science and the Bible, and how man's own bad behavior (the same behavior that caused God to destroy the earth by flood the first time) is the reason we are now living IN God's FINAL "end times" scenario: