Dear Refiner's Fire...

I just read your excellent article pertaining to Mary being able to pass her inheritance to her son, Yeshua. And I shared it with an anti-missionary - who promptly sent me some hideous posters, which I'm attaching. Would you happen to know how to debunk ignorant views like this...views that suggest we are basically adhering to a "cannibalism religion" and that belief in Yeshua is going against the Belief in ONE GOD? What do you think of all this?


Our Response...

It's absolutely amazing what all is being taught "out there" these days, especially by those who used to believe in "Jesus"...Something happened in their minds when they found their way to Torah, and suddenly, they have the "new truth" that the entire New Testament is a myth. The bottom line is, there is no reasoning with those types, and the only thing we can do is to remember them in our prayers in hopes they'll come to their senses.

Hebrews 10:28 For if he who transgressed the Torah of Moshe, died without mercies at the mouth of two or three witnesses; 29. how much more, do you think, will he receive capital punishment who has trodden upon the Son of Elohim and has accounted the blood of his covenant by which he is sanctified, as the blood of all men and has treated the Spirit of grace in an insulting manner? 30. For we know him who has said, Retribution is mine and I will repay: and again, Master YHWH will judge his people. 31. It is very terrible to fall into the hands of the living Elohim. (AENT)

It has been our observation that those who are leaving Yeshua to seek after "traditional Judaism" tend to become extremely mean-spirited in their "new-found faith." There is absolutely no evidence of the Holy Spirit within those who have left Yeshua. What's more, they don't seem to realize that "the Jews" don't even want them believing in "the Jewish Scriptures!"

Evidence of that can be seen throughout the myriad teachings of Rabbi Tovia Singer and other Jewish anti-missionaries who refer to not "the Bible" but to "the Jewish Scriptures" which shouldn't be taught to Gentiles unless the goal was simply to spread Jewish wisdom. They teach heresies such as While non-Jews are only obligated to obey the seven commandments given to Noah, Jews are responsible for fulfilling the 613 mitzvot in the Torah. (Please read our article that counters this notion!) Their assertions include: "In general, Jews do not try to convert non-Jews to Judaism. In fact, according to halakhah (Jewish Law), rabbis are supposed to make three vigorous attempts to dissuade a person who wants to convert to Judaism."

A major fact the "anti-missionaries" seem to overlook is that YHWH gave His Torah to ALL 12 tribes AND the pagan Egyptians who followed them out of Egypt (as evidenced beginning in Genesis 36 right on through to the final chapter of Deuteronomy)! It was NEVER just about "the Jews!" Yes, the Tribe of Judah was chosen to take Torah into the world and safeguard and preserve it (Genesis 49:10, Micah 4:2); but, let's not forget: YHWH through Moshe addressed all 12 Tribes in the wilderness and He caused Yeshua to be born into the Tribe of Yehudah/Judah....They can deny that until the cows come home, but Truth is Truth.

The fact is, Torah was never just for "the Jews" because, first of all, in reading through the Torah, there were no Jews until after Jacob had a son named Yehudah (where the term "Jew" originated), who became the Tribe of Yehudah (Genesis 29:35; Matthew 1:1-2). Adam and Eve were not Jews; Noah was not a Jew, and none of the Patriarchs (Abraham, Isaac and Jacob) were Jews! But yet they all obeyed YHWH - whose words are "Torah" - divine Instructions.

The Tanach (OT) shows that His Chosen were called Hebrews (Genesis 14:13). Abraham, who was originally a pagan Chaldean (Genesis 12) was not a Jew; by accepting YHWH as His God and obeying His Torah, he became a HEBREW, which means "to cross over." All his descendants were "Hebrews" - as is anyone who is "grafted in" through the blood of Yeshua!

AND JUST AS AN ASIDE: Scripture, read in context, reveals that EVERYONE, beginning with Adam and Eve (who were kicked out of the Garden for disobeying a Divine Instruction!) and Cain and Abel (who we see offering sacrifices in Genesis 4), was Torah observant - which totally negates the Christian claim that they do NOT have to obey God's Torah! ANYONE who believes in the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob is to be Torah observant, and God even said so FOUR TIMES IN A ROW in Numbers 15:13-16! YHWH chose Abraham because He wanted to (Deut. 7:6-8) and He reiterated this in Jeremiah 31:32 by making His New Covenant NOT with the Gentiles - but with the Houses of Israel and Judah - both of whom were Torah observant.

The bottom line is, Torah was never just for "the Jews!! AND there is a "rest of the story" concerning His Divine Messiah! (See Isaiah 53, our articles about the Feasts/Appointed Times, and the Gospels in the New Testament!)

The "anti-missionaries" truly do not know what they have done to themselves - Take a look at this: There's a wonderful footnote in the AENT on John 6, that responds to directly to the issue you refer to; the "eating" Y'shua's body and drinking His blood":

John 6:56 He who eats my body and drinks my blood abides in me and I in him. 57. As the Living Father has sent me, and I live because of the Father, and whoever eats of me he also will live because of me. 58. This is the Bread that has descended from Heaven. It is not as manna your forefathers ate and died. He who eats this Bread will live forever!

Footnote: Clear evidence that opposes the "communion" model of mainstream Christian institutions. Nothing is being eaten while Y’shua is making this statement; he had just levied a rebuke for their desire of physical rather than spiritual "bread." It is Faith in Y’shua as Mashiyach which causes a person to "eat the flesh and drink the blood." The "wafer" (transubstitution) is a Pagan adulteration against Y’shua’s teaching. Y’shua observed Torah to perfection; his perfect atoning sacrifice would be remembered specifically on the Moedim (YHWH’s feasts) as the Word of YHWH instructs.

As for belief in Y'shua not going against the idea of ONE God, ask those poor, lost souls who are guilty of blaspheming and grieving the Holy Spirit, to read through our article about Y'shua which says, in part:

There are at least 6 direct mentions in the "New Testament" to show that YHWH and Yeshua are ONE. Yeshua is divine/has a divine nature because of His divine qnoma. The term in Aramaic, MarYAH, can only mean YHWH. Some key verses:

Luke 2:11 For today is born to you in the city of Dawid the Savior who is Master YHWH, the Mashiyach.

This is one of the most powerful statements about YHWH and His Mashiyach in the entire Aramaic NT. YHWH is the real Mashiyach, who chose the vessel of Y'shua the man. However, within Y'shua the man is an occurrence of the One Divine Nature of YHWH, also known as the Ruach haKodesh (Holy Spirit). This is the literal meaning of the fullness of YHWH dwelling inside Mashiyach, and in accordance with Tanakh prophecy (Isaiah 53:1, Zechariah 12:10). The divine and human natures exist separately yet side-by-side within Y'shua.

1 Corinthians 12:3 I therefore explain to you, that there is no man that speaks by the Spirit of Elohim, who says that Y'shua is accursed: neither can a man say that Y'shua is Master YHWH, except by the Ruach haKodesh.

Simple and beautiful, yet perhaps the most powerful statements of belief in all of Rav Shaul's letters. A declaration of such magnitude as this most certainly demands original Hebrew and Aramaic to comprehend the fullness of such a bold statement and revelation.

Philippians 2:5 And think you so in yourselves, as Y'shua the Mashiyach also thought; 6. who, as he was in the likeness of Elohim, did not regard it sinful to be the coequal of Elohim; 7. yet disinherited himself and assumed the likeness of a servant, and was in the likeness of men and was found in fashion as a man; 8. and he humbled himself and became obedient to death, even the death of the stake. 9. Wherefore, also, Elohim has highly exalted him and given him a name which is more excellent than all names; 10. that at the name of Y'shua every knee should bow, of (beings) in heaven and on earth and under the earth; 11. and very tongue will avow MarYah - that is, Yeshua the Messiah - to the glory of Elaha His Father. (AENT)

FOOTNOTE: More than his literal birth name Y'shua (which was and is a common Hebrew name), and more than the perfect reputation that his name represents. Y'shua bears the Name of YHWH, the "name above all names!" Y'shua has the Name and reputation of the Father YHWH in him (John 17:11) and the name means "YHWH is Salvation" (Matthew 1:21). (The angels, for instance, only have YHWH's title of ELOHIM within their names: GabriEL, MichaEL, RaphaEL....)

To suggest that He is not YHWH's Divine Messiah is blasphemy, pure and simple! And to outright reject Him - you are damning your soul to hell! You can reject the "New Testament" all you want, but you had better ask yourself if you are willing to stake your eternal life on it!

John 14:6 Y'shua said to him, I am the Way and the Truth and the Life. No man comes to the Father except by me. 7. If only you would have known me, you would have also have known my Father. And from now on you know Him and you have seen Him. 8. Peleepos said to him, "Our Master, show us the Father and it will satisfy us." 9. Y'shua said to him, I am with you all this time and you do not know me Peleepa? Whoever sees me sees the Father, and how do you say, "Show us the Father?" 10. Don't you believe that I am in my Father and my Father is in me? These words that I speak, I do not speak of myself but He who dwells in me, my Father does these works. 11. Believe that I am in my Father and my Father is in me; otherwise believe even because of the works. 12. Amen, amen I say to you that whoever believes in me, these works that I do, he will do also, and more than these he will do because I go to the Father. 13. And whatever you ask in my name, I will do for you that the Father might be glorified by His Son. 14. And if you ask of me, in my name, I will do it! 15. If you love me, keep my Commandments.